Statistic Consultation Service

Consultation on statistics is really needed when you are going for higher studies. It’s not a job which is just said and done. A PhD. student always needs an appropriate help for statistics. We at dissertation tutors offer excellent statistical consulting services. Our services will help you with number of aspect of statistical analyses for your quantitative study.

We have statisticians known for their outstanding teaching skills and ability to expose the process of analyzing quantitative data. To ease you with our work process, we have hourly working process based on students’ needs or on project basis giving you more control over the cost of services.

We are very much committed to the success of each individual student who hires us for statistical analysis assistance.

Let us have a look for what our statisticians will do for you

  1. Our statistician will help you out in developing statistical considerations including statistical methods, statistic hypotheses, and sample size justification for your dissertation proposal.
  2. They will demeanor statistical analysis in the analysis phase.
  3. They will give you apparent and easy to understand written reports with apposite tables and graphs of all statistical analyses.
  4. They will completely demonstrate how to infer and report each type of statistical practice.
  5. They will give away developmental editing on your own method and results chapters.
  6. Besides that, they will also assist you for your oral defense meeting.

Our statisticians can also offer consultation on a diversity of advanced statistical methods, for example: generalized estimating equations, categorical data analysis, hierarchical linear models, fixed-effects models, and missing-data handling techniques.

Our statisticians will ensure that you comprehend all statistical analyses and that you are completely prepared to clarify and defend your analyses. Phone and email support will also be given to you by us until you have productively completed your dissertation or thesis.

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