Research Methodology Consultation Service

A flexible research design is a fundamental element of research that forms the backbone of a study and is adaptable to the dynamic scenario. For preparing a research design, while drafting a research methodology chapter, a researcher needs to focus on the following aspects:

  1. Statement of Problem
  2. Relevant data for research
  3. Methods of data collection
  4. Techniques of data analysis

We at Dissertation Tutors, provide dissertation data analysis help to research students in creating an impactful data analysis section, while guiding them on the complex sections of the research report. Through our consultation, we assist scholars in stating the research problems along with the difficulties that they are likely to come in their way. Our dissertation methodology help also help them in choosing the appropriate research method.
We provide sufficient explanation to the fundamental issues stated by the researchers. We also assist them with the collection of authentic information, while collating their sources. It is also essential to give the purpose of choosing the particular data collection technique. For instance, if a doctoral candidate uses the personal interview technique for gathering data, he/she is required to provide details about the respondents, type of questions asked, time spent for conducting interviews and the way in which the method proved useful to the research.
Our research analyst also assists students in choosing the right test appropriate to their gathered data along with providing the rationale for adopting that test over the other. The application of these tests is done with 100% precision. Our comprehensive data analysis service also comprises of desk research, data management, data cleaning, and evaluation. The statisticians on-board with us are trained and experienced with the use of software like SPSS, STATA, SAS, and E Views. We also support in interpretation of results and incorporation of suggestions.
Our interactive procedures ensure that all queries of our clients are resolved with complete satisfaction. To get research methodology consultation service, contact our experts today.