A thesis poses great importance in the life of a Master’s student since it is often the initial research project in his/her academic career. Under a thesis preparation, the student has to go through various stages, being the search for a suitable subject area and formulating a title based on it, clearly stating the project’s objective and research problems, conducting research in the specific area to gather required data, analyzing the collected data to provide unique solutions to the problems being raised. All these efforts are made to provide a conclusion that could attempt to reduce the gaps in the prevailing scenario.

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To appeal the target audience, which in case of a MBA student would be the entrepreneurs, business strategists, and other skilled and experienced personnel, the thesis needs to be strongly researched, logically appealing, along with being comprehensive. From a long list of data collecting methods, it is vital to select the most appropriate one, keeping in view the advantages and disadvantages for each method.

The most prevalent and efficient data piling methods are as follows:

Personal Interviews
This method of data collection provides the option of face-to-face interaction with the respondents. Although the technique involves a lot of time and efforts from the student’s end, but it is still given the highest value in a MBA Thesis. Having a personalized interaction with the sample population brings first-hand quality information. The student or the researcher can also control the direction of the interview, diverting it towards his/her research objectives. To add authenticity, the research student can even record the replies of the respondents. Keeping aside the limitation of time and effort, a good amount of fortune is also involved in conducting a personal interview.
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Telephonic Interviews
This is a less costly and time-consuming version of the personal interviews which again allows the research student to confront his/her respondent directly. But, unexpectedly, this method is often in-competent in producing the desired results.
Data collection is the most difficult part of a thesis preparation. With clustered population, choosing the target group and accumulating data from them is a tedious process. A Master’s student is deemed to have a thorough knowledge of the market so that 100% authentic sources can be approached. Our experienced professionals have themselves worked with reputed surveying agencies and so can provide expert guidance with the choice of the suitable survey technique from among the following:
Periodic Surveys
Periodic surveys are generally conducted at regular intervals that can be weekly, monthly or even yearly. And each time, a fresh sample population is targeted with the same questionnaire to evaluate the changing trends.
Panel Surveys
Panel surveys are directed towards a group of target population who are approached either through mails, personal or telephonic interviews. Using this method, the researcher can categorize the target population into different groups.
Shared Surveys
There is a third method of commercial survey, the shared survey technique, whereby questionnaires from different clients are used. Cost reduction is the key advantage in this method.
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