How to Sell Your Thesis?

After you have invested years in writing your thesis, and understanding the requirements of the journal or book publisher, the day has finally come when you have a need to sit face to face with the review committee and sell your thesis. When you are doing a PhD you have to face the question from friend and family at a social get-together about your thesis. Here are tips how you can sell your thesis.

Core reason of the thesis

You might have written a page on the objective of your research, but you need to think about the core reason why the research is worth the time spent.

Relate it to real life situation

Often people are unable to appreciate the academic relevance of the topic, but when you explain them how it will contribute to the everyday life, then people get interested in your topics.

Emotional involvement

If you able to emotionally involve your audience in your topic, you are sure to win. Often, topics which contribute to the community, environment, health, crime or topics which affect their lives or are related to their field of work interest the audience. Study the website to the publisher before going to the discussion so that you are aware of their interest areas.

Make your speech interesting

You need to prepare your pitch beforehand and make it interesting by comparing it with real life example. This will make the abstract statistics concrete.

Keep an element of surprise

It is very difficult to grab the attention of your audience. Make note of all your findings that are unexpected. This will help you to surprise your audience and they will be interested in your topic.

Thus, by taking some time out and thinking from the perspective of listener, you can make a pitch for your thesis and sell it in 5 minutes.


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